This site is dedicated to the memory of

Sharon X. Cao

August 2, 1989 – June 12, 2005





Congratulations Class 2007!


It is the year for Class 2007, and it is the year that Sharon had dreamed for long. Sharon was supposed to be in the crowed of you to celebrate the graduation, and she is sure still with you, with “LOL”, if you would listen beyond your ears, with your hearts …


”Two years ago, Sharon left us in her sleep, and we felt as though were left behind with just a memory. But over the past couple of years, her memory has become an inspiration to hold close to our hearts.”Sunny Agrawal's Valedictorian Speech


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Happy Sharon 18th Birthday!



Sharon, it’s your 18th Birthday, a year where you’re finally free. This is the year where you can officially say that you’re no longer a child but a real young lady. However, you’re not here to share this special day with your friends and family. But Sharon, we have not forgotten you nor have we forgotten what you have taught us. On your Birthday, we were not sad and we did not shed tears; that is not what you would’ve wanted. Instead, we remembered the way you would laugh and the fun we’ve shared together. I hope you, although in a far away place, laughed with us as we celebrated your Birthday for I’m sure we could all feel your presence. We wore our wristbands that day because we want you to know Sharon that we will always remember how important you were and still are to us. We won’t leave you out of our fun for you are as much a part of us as you were before. And so, we hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that you receive our birthday wishes.


Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Sharon,

Happy Birthday to you.



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I would give you rainbows

- By Susan Casey

I would give you rainbows,

crystal colors, shining white.
A golden crown would dress your hair,
so regal fair you would be.
What you will, my own fairy queen,
tiny spider webs filled with dew like tears.
If I give you everything,
will that then bring you near to me.
Still on this very special day,
you hurry far away.
Trailing blossoms as you go
a smile of joy I have often known.
I would give you rubies dear,
my own red
Just to have you near.
My wish for your birthday please is
that you stay one more day
and we can play a game,
just you and I!
Tomorrow is to be your special day.
You can choose to be here
or far away.
Heaven day or Earth birthday,
so you choose.
For you I light a gentle flame,
then I must walk my way
as you walk too.

- By Susan Casey