This site is dedicated to the memory of

Sharon X. Cao

August 2, 1989 – June 12, 2005



When your flame no longer burns,
I'll look up to the sky;
There, the light will shine and gleam,
Like the twinkle in your eyes.
When you are no longer here,
To warm life everyday,
I'll bask in your warm memory,
That shall never go away.
When our shared moments reach an end,
I'll listen to deep within;
And the memories of joy and mirth,
Are treasures from you, my friend.
So, rest in peace within in the sky,
And my hand I do extend;
For one day we shall meet again,
After our journey's end.

- By Sharon Cao on 11/4/2003



Friends of Class 2007 gathered at Sharon’s grave

on June 22, 2008

Click here for the pictures and the words from Sharon’s parents.