CACC Sharon Cao Foundation at Work





Funded by CACC Sharon-Cao Foundation, a display case was set up at Young Adult area of Pleasanton Public Library, which is located at 400 Old Bernal Ave, Pleasanton, on April 30, 2006.


In the display case, it shows some of Sharonís favorite books, her art works, pictures and other items her friend made to keep her in memory. In a few weeks, the case will be for public use to display Pleasanton school student projects and art works.


Great thanks to Teresa Parham, the Teen Services Librarian at Pleasanton Library, who has helped with many creative ideas and worked hard with her passion to make it happen. Many thanks to Spring, Wesley, Sunny A., Rick Chen and others who are truly good friends of Sharon. They contributed the ideas, brought in the display items and helped the design of the display layout to make it perfect.


Also many thanks to Yu Tao, the Head of Reference Service at Pleasanton Library, who is one of the CACC board members for the initiation of CACC Sharon Cao Foundation, and constantly helps us and gives us suggestions about the use of the fund. We would appreciate Julie Farnsworth, the Director of Pleasanton Library, for her generous support so that the display case can be placed in the Library.


More importantly, we would like to show our great

thanks to many friends, who generously donated to the CACC Sharon Cao Foundation. Within these people, some of them we may have known each other, and some others we may have not got a chance to say hello. It does not matter how long we have known each other, but it is more important for the fact that the love of Sharon has brought us together.


As we pledged that all donation fund to the CACC Sharon Cao foundation would go to the Pleasanton Library, the remaining fund will be used to purchase books or CDs that are put into the library for circulation. We are so incapable of physically bringing Sharon back, but we are going to keep Sharonís vibrant spirit everywhere and forever.