Sharon Cao’s Works


Sharon was a gifted writer. In Foothill High School, she served as a staff reporter of the InFlight, and contributed to the newspaper with articles on News, Entertainments and Opinions sections. Sharon also served as an editor of InFlight and designed layout for several sections. As InFlight staffs remembered, “Sharon was the new star writer, the one with the potential, and most importantly, she was an amazing friend.”

Sharon left many good writing pieces in her short life. In this page some of her works are published. Between the lines of her works, we can feel not only her potential and talent in writing, but also her typical perfectionism, enlightening personality and compassionate heart.





“Shark Tale” surfaces with a splash


(October 13, 2004)


This is an article that discusses the movie Shark Tale. It was published on Entertainment section, October issue of InFlight, 2004.

The text and picture are original, but the layout is modified to fit the web posting.



One Difference


(April 2, 2005)


This work is a fiction by Sharon. She submitted it to 2005 Morris Weiss Essay Contest, which was organized by Holocaust Center of Northern California.



Block scheduling for better learning


(January 25, 2005)



It was published on Opinions section, March issue of InFlight, 2005.

The text is original, but the layout is modified to fit the web posting.




(May 30, 2005)


This is her English class project. What Sharon submitted was a research writing in web page format. Everything beyond your clicking the title is her original work. You can taste the flavor of her real homework style.



More Sharon’s works will be available. Due to the lack of resource, it may take some time to have them sorted out and posted.

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