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Slide Shows with Music

Full-screen shows. Once downloaded, the shows can be played offline.

(Currently they may only work on a Windows PC)


Forever Sharon

(~6.7MB, 45 sec for 1.5Mb DSL)[*1]


Beloved Sharon

(~11.5MB, 1.3 min for 1.5Mb DSL) [*1]


Memorial Service Picture Show

(~11.8MB, 1.35 min for 1.5Mb DSL) [*2]

Credits: Fengbin Sun


In Loving Memory of Sharon

Slide Show Played in the Memorial Service

(~86.7MB, 9.7 min for 1.5Mb DSL) [*3]


Ruiyi Song, Charles Xue, Shaoyi Zhang

Harry Jiang, Ziyi Yang, Robin Shang


Sharon's Interment Service

(~7.3MB, 50 sec for 1.5Mb DSL)[*1]

Photographer: Fengbin Sun

Download tips:


After clicking the show title, you will have a pop up window. Specify the path you wish in your local disk and click save button in the popup window. The saved file will be in the zip format. You may need an unzip tool (built-in in Windows XP) to de-compress the file. The shows are with music background. You may have to turn on the speaker and adjust the volume to listen to it.


[*1]: Find and double click the .exe (application) file to start the show.


[*2]: Find and double click the “slideshow.exe” (application) file and you will have a pop-up window. In the new window “Select a Show to Play” area, click (select) Sharon, and then click “Start” button, the show will get started.


[*3]: This is a Microsoft PowerPoint file. Your PC needs to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed to play the show.

To start the show, first double click InLovingMemorySharon.ppt (MS PowerPoint file), and then under menu “View” click “Slide Show”, or simply press keyboard top raw “F5” button.

If your machine does not have fonts “Park Avenue BT” and “Scriptina” installed, you may find that the captions at the last few pages do not aligned perfectly, although it does not affect the playing of the show. To install the fonts that are attached to the download file, please follow the instruction given by the “Help and Support Center” in Windows Start menu. Using keyword “Add new fonts” to search in the Help and Support Center will result in the best answer.