This site is dedicated to the memory of

Sharon X. Cao

August 2, 1989 – June 12, 2005






“Only A Memory Away”
- at Sharon’s 3rd anniversary


I hear the voice of my destiny call
And I know I must go find my way
The hardest part will be leaving you all
And I'll miss you much more than words can say

I'll be only a memory away
If you need me
You can call me any time of day
And I'll be there, It's OK
Only a memory away
My intuition says something is wrong
My friends said they'd come and say good-bye
I can't go until I know what's going on
I fear there is danger somewhere near by

We've been together through good times and bad
You've always been there for me
I'll always treasure the best friends I have


- Sailor Moon Lyric

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