What is New?


June 12, 2007

Congratulations to Ben Destein, who is awarded with Sharon Cao Scholarship for his excellent academic performance!


It is the graduation year for Sharon’s classmates. You have achieved a milestone in your life. Best wishes for your great success!


In the celebration crowd, we missed Sharon’s exciting face, but Sharon was not forgotten. I have the feeling there’s one more star up in the sky tonight. And even though it’s far away, its brightness and warmth still reach us here to make the night a little less dark” – Quote from the card sent from Sharon’s friends.


In the 2nd anniversary for Sharon’s leaving, Sharon is not lonely, at all. She can definitely feel the love from the big family and the true friends …


 Click here for the photos taken on June 10, 2007.


Jan. 1, 2007

Congratulations to Foothill High School “We the People” Team! Led by Ms. Cindy Juarez, the team has won the district and regional level competition and it is heading for the state level in Sacramento that leads to the national competition. More info about the Foothill High “We the People” can be found from the Foothill News Letter, page 7.


While the team members were enjoying their success, they did not forget to count Sharon in as their member. This year, they designed a pin that reads “*Sharon Cao* In Loving Memory” and they are going to wear it in the competition. The picture of the pin can be found from the banner of the web page. You can click the banner picture or click here for the detail.


Nov. 20, 2006

After posting the news about “CACC Sharon Cao Foundation”, some friends were asking if the foundation still accepts the donation. Since the foundation has transferred its entire fund to Pleasanton Library, we are not sure if the account is still open for donation. Please contact CACC for more info.


As an alternative, there is a “Sharon Cao Scholarship Fund”, which was initiated by Ms. Cindy Juarez at Foothill High School, and it is still open for donation. Donation is tax deductible. More info can be found from the news report at Contra Costa Times.


Aug. 24, 2006

One of Sharon’s Xanga journals was added to About Sharon page.  It looks like Sharon’s version of  “About Me”. Although she filled up the questionnaire without serious thinking, we can feel “It is Sharon!” while reading her journal.


The content is original, but the title I Love It When … is added by the web manager.


May 8, 2006

“CACC Sharon Cao Foundation” contributed its entire fund to Pleasanton Public Library.  A display case was set up with the fund and the books will be purchased with remaining part for public circulation. More stories about the display case can be found with the highlighted link.


Feb. 12, 2006

Pictures of interment service of Sharon's cremation urn are posted at "Pictures" page. The pictures are compiled in a slide show with music background. The interment service was held on Oct 29, 2005.


Dec. 23, 2005

While we are comforted by Christmas cards from many friends, we also received a letter for Sharon from Linda Hu. The letter is posted at Write page.


Also in Write page, a condolence letter to Sharon’s family by Ms. Mary Eisenhower, President of People to People International, is published.


Dec.12, 2005

It has been exactly 6 months since Sharon left us.


About Sharon page is updated, with a timeline style introduction of Sharon.

Sept. 25, 2005

After many days hard work and many phone calls, we finally have the “Appreciation” page updated.


We have a first version name list, but we are sure we have missed a lot. It is highly appreciated if you can contact us to point out anything missing or wrong.


Sept. 12, 2005

Added “Sharon’s Works” page. In the page, 3 articles and a Sharon’s project submitted in web design are available.


2 Chinese poems are moved to “Write” page.


Sept. 5, 2005

Updated “Goodbye Sharon” page. Some of the speech scripts were available, while requests for others were placed.


Updated “Download” page. The slideshow played in the Memorial Service becomes available for downloading, although it is a little bit too big (~86MB). The making of a compact version is under consideration. “Download tip” was modified to fit specific type of shows.


Sept. 1, 2005

Solved the display compatibility issues with FireFox and Microsoft IE.


Aug. 25, 2005

About Sharon page, thanks to Spring Sun, is available. Fixed the link errors on English Download page.


Aug. 16, 2005

Chinese version navigation buttons were added. Updated link page. Added download page.


Aug. 1, 2005

The navigation buttons were moved from top to the left. Several picture slide shows were available.


July 22, 2005

The layout and headline banner were designed by Ruiyi Song.


July 21, 2005 was up and running.